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British Waterbed Association - with information on the benefits of waterbeds, and a comprehensive and up to date list of all Association member stores in the UK.

The Sleep Council - information on choosing mattresses and beds, and everything to do with sleep.

The British Snoring & Sleep Apnoea Association - with advice, forums, product reviews and other information for those affected by sleep apnoea.

How To Sleep Better - BBC pages for Robert Winstons tv series on sleep, with advice, questionnaires and information.

Sleeping Well - The Royal College of Psychiatrists' guide to sleep problems.

Sleep Apnoea Trust - Improving the lives of sleep apnoea patients, their partners and their families.

RC Psych - Information on common problems with sleep and some unusual difficulties that people may have.

London Sleep Centre - Information about sleep disorder causes and how to relieve them.

Sleep Research Society - Scientific investigation, public awarness and evidence-based health policy in sleep science and academic sleep medicine.

Web MD - Back pain health center.

Family Doctor - Tips on pain relief and prevention.

Medicine Net - Information on how to sleep better with back pain.

NHS - Information about insomnia, its causes and how it can be treated.

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